About us


Hi! My name is Kayla, a little baby. By the time I write this, I am 3 months old. I just made the first trip in my trailer fixed on my father’s bike. I love that! My parents told me at 14 months old, I will make a lot of mileage in that trailer, on the other side of the country and also at the end of South America. I don’t know right now where it is but I will have time to find it because it is a long way (and my daddy doesn’t go very fast on his bike). We won’t go in a straight line; we will do a lot of detours to see the maximum we can. I don’t know if I could remember everything after this trip, but I know I will meet a lot of friends from many countries.




Her, It’s my Mom, Marie-Eve, she is 32 years old, and she is from Quebec. I have to be very well-behaved with my mom because without her, I will have nothing to eat. She knows the children; she was working since 15 years with them. You must see how fast she changes my diaper. She loves hiking, every kind of hiking. She is very creative and also very persevering. She will take care of our blog.

Before I was born, my Mom and Dad made together a 4 months trip in Spain and Portugal. My Mom loved that kind of trip so much that she already was ready to be involve in that adventure.




Him, It’s my Dad, Karl. He is 38 years old. Just a few months ago, I thought he was just a beard on feet, now I saw him better and I smile to him all the time. I know everything about his life. He is a French man. He was living in France with his father and mother. Just before he met my Mom, he travelled most than 3 years, always alone and on his bike. He went in New-Zeeland, Australia, everywhere in Europe, Middle East and even in Quebec (where he met my Mom) He also walked through the French Alps. He knows a lot about trip. We can see that. He is cool and curious. He is also very good for planning and searching everything about trips.

Avec maman qui connait les enfants et papa qui connait les voyages, je suis entre de bonnes mains pour aller à la rencontre des enfants des Amériques.

With my Mom who knows a lot about children and Dad who knows almost everything about trip, I think I would be in good hands to meet every child in America

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