Beginning of a long break

We leave Utila Island after a 3 weeks rest because of Mary’s injury. We go back to La Ceiba to see again the doctor. Between the harbor and the town, we have 4 miles to ride. The first pedal pushes are very rough for Mary’s knee.

No improvement, the knee pain is still strong. The doctor gives her a second cortisone injection and tells us we will be better to go back home to let the Mary’s knee healing completely and not increase the injury. And she will need a RMI scan to find exactly what that injury is and discover the real way to heal it. And it’s not possible to do that here.

Mary at the Honduras hospital

We had expected to come back temporarily at the end of the next spring to make some money. So, since we cannot go further, we think it’s better to go back home right now.

We will take this opportunity to work the time it will take to make enough money to keep on our trip. For that, we will go back to France for a more sedentary life. We are actually in Quebec and will stay here for the Holidays in Mary’s family.

Once the decision was made, we look for the less expensive airplane tickets. We find some and we have to leave 2 days later. Everything goes fast. We have to go in San Pedro Sula by bus tomorrow and take the plane the day after. To do that, we have to ride to the bus station. We took the bus to go to the airport. But the plane leave only the day after, so we have to find a room close to the airport. So we have to ride again to the hotel. San Pedro Sula is known as the most dangerous city of the world. Safety is very important, so we want to find for our last night a secure hotel. We can’t look for the cheaper one as usual. From the outdoor view, our hotel looks like a bunker but inside, it’s very nice: a pool and a big room. Very perfect! Mary is happy to be there at least…to take a rest. The 7.5 miles she had to pedal today was very tough for her knee.

A little luxury before the return's flight Honduras

The day after, we go back to the airport and finish to pack our stock before the registration. The airline supervisor refuses to take our bikes because they are not in a box. Karl argues a lot and was very upset because he travels by bike for more than 15 years and he didn’t see that. We have two choices: one is not to take the planes and try to find a box for our bikes but we will lost our tickets and they are not refundable or the second choice is to take the plane and let our bikes in some safety places here and try to find a solution later from Quebec. We have no choice we take the plane.

Flight's return Honduras-Quebec

We arrive in Montreal during the night on December 3rd, exactly 19 months after our departure but this time with no bikes… The adventure continues…

We will take advantage of this break to let you know about our last and present stories.

PS: at the time of writing, four weeks after we left our bikes in Honduras alone, we have just received them safe and sound.

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  1. Mark and Elizabeth says:

    So glad you got your bikes back. Mary I hope your knee recovers. Happy New Year! Your friends from the Kananaskis snow storm

  2. Ellen Marsh says:

    We hope Mary is healing from her injury. Great to see how you continue travelling together and your daughter is now big enough to ride her own bicycle! We are in Costa Rica for a month and thought of you as we rode the bus for 6.5 hours from San José to Tamarindo today. Such narrow, winding roads, likely similar to the roads you travelled in Nicaragua and Honduras. I think angels must be watching over you… You have inspired many people along your way. We are lucky to be among them. : )

    Ellen and Doug
    Prince Rupert, BC
    (We met you while camping near Icefields Parkway)

    • enfant-a-bord says:

      Hi Ellen and Doug, we remember you very weel. How is Costa Rica ? Many cyclist said it’s beautiful but very expensive country. It’s very good to have some news about you. We are lucky to have shared a moment with you in a beautiful place like Icefield Parkway

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