The first Frontier

We arrive at Fairbanks on May 29th, on Mary’s Birthday. To celebrate that day, we look for a pizzeria. But we cannot find one very close to the campground so we end up with a fast-food. It will look for us like a feast because we eat almost every day pasta and rice. Fairbanks is not a big city even …

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To the north

We at least connect the two greatest cities of Alaska. Between both of them, no great city, just trees, big mountains and a beautiful national park. We took more than 3 weeks to ride 661 km ( 410 miles) between Anchorage and Fairbanks. We had so nice hosts in Anchorage : Amber, Dan and Jan, So It was not so …

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It’s a go !

Now, the hardest thing is done ! Our emotions are on the edge. We are leaving to begin our dream. The dream we had cherished for 6 years. 6 years of doubt, waiting and preparation… The goal of our trip is the meeting and the discovery, which started very fast. From the customs, even in English, Kayla charms everyone. She …

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