On the road to the Rockies

We just arrived in Alberta and we met Peter and Trycia. We stopped for the afternoon break on the side of the main road, in a small unpaved path and Teresa came over. She talks to us a few moments and offer us to stay with her for the night. We were planning to stay with a “Warmshower” family at …

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The best and the worst

We can summarize our trip from the North of British Columbia in two great stopovers. The first one , from Watson Lake to Fort Nelson, is the best where the nature gives us the maximum she can offer and the second one, from Fort Nelson to Dawson Creek, where the nature suffer from the men’s work. Let’s begin by the …

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Yukon, larger than Life

We stay at Dawson City 5 days in a campground 3km (1,8m) out of the town. Dawson is the second big city of Yukon just after Whitehorse. Before the construction of Alaska Highway, it was the Yukon’s Capital. Two thousands of people live here. All the streets are in gravel except the main Street. We take advantage of the Aborigen …

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