It’s a go !

Now, the hardest thing is done ! Our emotions are on the edge. We are leaving to begin our dream. The dream we had cherished for 6 years. 6 years of doubt, waiting and preparation…
The goal of our trip is the meeting and the discovery, which started very fast. From the customs, even in English, Kayla charms everyone. She even succeeds to have an American custom officer laughing… which is something! By seeing all our baggage, the airport’s staff asks us a lot of questions about the aim of our voyage and wishes us good luck.

We flew Saturday morning from Montreal to Anchorage in Alaska. We arrived at the beginning of the evening. We took 2 flights and everything went very well. On the second flight, our neighbor was just returned home from a bike trip (from Montreal to New York) with his wife and his mother-in-law. We sympathize and quickly he suggests staying with them. We accept with joy. Because they didn’t have enough room in their car, they will come back to get us to their place. After a good dinner we went to bed because we are all very tired. It’s is now 4 hours less than at home, so it is late for us.
We spend all the day, Sunday, to reassemble the bicycles, to take a rest and walk around.

The following day, we travel by bike to visit the city. We practically never ride on the road because there are a lot of bike’s tracks. The downtown of Anchorage is not very big but we found all we need. We spend all the day outside, which feel good, and we enjoy the warm weather.


The anormally high temperatures for that time of the year would almost make us doubt that we are as much in North, but with the sun still there even at 11PM, we know that we are really in North.

We are ready to take the road. We leave Tuesday morning. We won’t go very far for our first day, just twenty kilometers to the next campground.

For the beginning of our trip, we are very lucky: we were living with very nice people who know very well Alaska and give us an invaluable information for our trip. If we receive as much of hospitality throughout the voyage, the tent will not be useful so much.

Famille Reichardt-Johnson

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