Here are some French and English sites from different type of travelers with all the same purpose: the discovery.

Rêve nomade : A family making a bike trip around the world during three years. They look to meet people and good walls to climb.

RouleChariotte : This family went around the world for one year in 2008-2009.

Par 4 chemins à vélo :a family bike trip on the world’s road.

Lucille : a French lady who just finish her trip from Alaska to California.

Brad :an Australian who is a fan of bike trip. He rides from Alaska and hope to keep on until South America.

Damien : a French cyclist and his trip in USA.

Isabelle, Guillaume and their 3 kids : a Quebecer family went for a bike trip.

Globe-reporter : A French couple went in 2001 to meet some children from all part of the world during three years !

Janet and Gilles : Australian couple in a convert Land Cruiser from Alaska to Argentina.

Martin autour du monde : Follow Martin’s adventure around the world traveling with his family to meet men and women working for a better world.

Globulle : Sebastien, Vanessa and their 3 kids in a RV to conquer Europe and America.

Polofreespirit : we met this family traveling in RV in Utah. Direction: Americas.

Six nomades :Two parents, 4 kids: the road is their daily life.

Évelyne and Clément :a begium-french couple roaming all over the world.

You could also look the blog from our trip in Spain, Portugal and Morocco.

Some others links

Eric’ s site, photos & illustrations

Carnet d’aventure, an adventure magazine, inspiration source for non-motorized travellers.

Voyage forum And also trip blog for planning your trip and have news from others travellers.

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