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As you can see (for ones who didn’t follow us on Facebook) we are not up to date on our website. We are now in Honduras. We arrived here by boat from Belize. We wanted to go to Utila Island for a few days. For that we needed to take another ship from La Ceiba to go there.

When we arrived at the port, a Sunday morning, a lot of people were there to go to the beach for the day. They were waiting for the boat. More the time went on, more the crowd was big. We supposed to leave at 9:30 in the morning. At 10:30, the boat was not there. We were waiting under the brutal sun; we looked for some shades… Finally the boat arrived at 11 AM, everybody wanted to be aboard in the same time. The boat crew asked for some room to take the luggage, nobody moved. Then they asked for the children and their mother to be aboard first but again nobody moved.

Utila's boat in Honduras

Mary came close to the boat with Kayla in her arms. As she tried to make room to board, she didn’t see the space between the boat and the wharf. Her right leg fell in the hole, her hip and her back smashed the boat and her left leg stayed on the wharf. Karl arrived as he heard Mary screaming with pain. He saw her in that bad position. Mary thought only to save Kayla from injury despite the pain to her hip and left leg. During that time, nobody moved. Karl yelled for help and some people came to help us. Some American doctors in board came and told us, after examination, to go at the hospital because more the time went on, more the pain increased. So we took off the boat and went to the La Ceiba’s hospital. Result: injury to the meniscus and inflammation of the membrane between the skin and tibia. Recuperation time: undetermined. We will stay in Utila Island for that.

Mary at the hospital in Honduras

Kayla had more fear than pain. She talks often about that and we help her to debrief.

Our new daily routine in Utila Honduras

Admit that it’s not a bad place to take a break…

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