On the road to the Rockies

We just arrived in Alberta and we met Peter and Trycia. We stopped for the afternoon break on the side of the main road, in a small unpaved path and Teresa came over. She talks to us a few moments and offer us to stay with her for the night. We were planning to stay with a “Warmshower” family at Grand Prairie, (50 miles away) the day after. It is too far to ride in one day. We wanted to go 12 more miles. So, we had to refuse this invitation. We were ready to go and Peter, Trycia’s husband, arrives. He insisted and even told us, he will drive us 12 miles further tomorrow morning. We didn’t need more than that to accept. We will sleep in a little house beside their place; a house just for us. Peter and Trycia live in a small paradise. They do everything by themselves. They built their house with some soil and straw, they also have a big garden with all kind of vegetables. We had a very nice dinner and even a good breakfast. We had a nice evening with them and we’ll leave with some fresh vegetables.

As he told, Peter brings us more than 12 miles further. Thanks to Peter and Trycia for your hospitality.

We ride some miles away and we stop for lunch behind a Tourist information booth in a small city. The lady working at that place offers us coffee and cookies. Really, we can’t want more than that…our first moment in Alberta was very nice.

We keep on our way to Grande Prairie; we are there at the end of the afternoon. It is a 60 000 people’s city. It is the biggest city we saw since we left Anchorage, Alaska. Everybody told us, it is a booming city. We just arrived and we wanted to leave…We had some difficulty to find a supermarket to make our grocery for the next days. We wait for a confirmation from our Warmshower Host. Unfortunately, we didn’t hear about them. So we keep on and stop in the first and the only campground on our road. It was expensive but the darkness is coming, so we have to stay there. Besides that, Mary falls in the campground’s entrance. Luckily, she didn’t hurt herself seriously. And Kayla cuts her lip some time later when she falls also. When everything goes wrong! The big cities are not for us. Without regret, we leave the next morning. Shortly past this city, we meet Maurice and Louise, the Quebec people we already met in Watson Lake, two months ago. They recognize us when they pass us. They stop a little bit further to wait for us. We take the lunch with them, talk a moment and keep on our way.

The next city, Grande Cache is 112 miles away. It will be the beginning of the Rockies. When we talk mountain, we talk climbing… It’s the start for many months of up and down who will gives us very amazing landscapes each one most beautiful than the other. It is also the end of the heat wave we had this summer. A big rain makes the weather cool down. When we took our raincoat, we found that it was a long time we didn’t see rain… since almost one month and a half. They smelt not so good but we cannot complain.

Rockies road

After 4 days, we arrive in Grande Cache, The city is on the top of a hill more than 4 260’ of altitude and is surrounding by mountains. The view is amazing. This is the perfect place to spend a day off. We are not very far to Jasper National Park. This is an important place for us because we wait for that since many days. This park and Banff National Park are very close and they are mythical locations for us. We are eager to discover them. We just took 3 days to reach Jasper, 140 miles ahead. It is the entrance of the National Park and we already saw many kind of animal we are not use to see as wapitis and also some turquoise-coloured lakes. It bodes well!


Jasper is a city with a relaxed ambiance even with the lot of visitors they have. We like that very much, so we stay here many days to take a rest before taking the glacier’s road for Banff. This road will make us climb more than 6600 feet. We meet a lot of interesting people in the campground, many touring cyclists from everywhere and from different backgrounds.

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