One year on the road

It has been a full year since we left. The time goes on so fast…

One year of travelling, it is one year to cycle in a varied landscape: sea, mountains and desert, all more beautiful than the others.
One year to meet some amazing people, who opened their houses, gave some food or helped us in any way. Thank you to everyone.

For those of you who love the numbers:
In 1 year, we cycle 5 386 miles, we had an elevation between minus 282 to 9210 feet; we climb an ascending elevation of 231800 feet (around 8 times Mount Everest).
We ride a few hours by hitchhiking, 2 days by boat hitchhiking, 10 days by hitchhiking RV. Our record for cycling is 55 miles for a day and the shortest one is 1.25 miles.

But the must important is we spent 365 days, 24 hours a day, in family to see our little girl growing and maturing.

One year in travel

She’s mature very fast. She begins to talk French. She is able to translate some words from Spanish or English to French. By example, if we say El Perro or Dog, she can answer Chien
She is curious and wants to see everything while remaining discrete. When she goes out of the trailer, the first thing she does is to look around and tells us what she observes. After 10 minutes her shyness is gone and she stays around the new person she met. It could be as well a child, an adult, a family or an animal. She’s now learning to leave the people and it’s not a small thing. We understand her because it’s not easy to leave so nice people. Hopefully, we meet a lot of people but she didn’t forget our new friends and she talks often about them (just a glance to Bossert family from Yukon, Guillaume, Isabelle and their children, Carl, Susan, Alika and Frodo (Family Arce’s dog in LaPaz) and many many other people she calls them “A MI” (friends)

Frodoo and Kayla

We pay attention to her needs and we take our time. We don’t mind to stop more often to let Kayla walk and ru and discover the world out of her trailer. We learn the hard way what happen when we try to do too much. Kayla, at that time, didn’t want to go in her trailer.
She helps to set up the tent and also to pack it.

Kayla in Her sleeping bag

And what do we eat during the trip?

We could answer rice and pasta, rice and pasta again. Sometimes, it’s rice, rice, pasta or again pasta, pasta and rice… We agree with you, it is always the same thing. However, this changed since we are in Mexico, we taste a lot of some different flavours. Kayla learns to hold her tacos with one hand. She puts the ingredients inside, press the lime juice and gulps. She almost eats as we do.

We still have many countries to visit, many people to meet… Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua… That makes us dreaming and you?

More and more of you follow us on our website or on Facebook, we thank you very much. Your feedback and your support make us feeling good, Keep on write to us, we like hearing and having some news from you. If you have questions or even any theme or story ideas, please feel free to contact us. We are open to all suggestions to improve our writings and continue to make you dreaming of travelling.

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  1. Michal says:

    Hi guys!
    It was pleasure to meet you! We are the Czech couple you met close to Guanajuto. It was great to talk to you and you increased our confidence for future. We are happy that you are not limited in traveling by having a kid. Actually it seems like more fun and different experience after all that traveling as a couple. We will develop this idea into a reality in furute 😉
    Enjoy this big adventure and let us know in case you come to the Czech Republic.
    Best regards from Michal and Zuza

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