Our fourth border

After staying more than 2 weeks at San Cristobal, we quickly take back our ways on bicycle. We move towards Guatemala border but of course not in a straight line. As usual, we make some turnings. There are 2 places we supposedly have to see in the surroundings of Comitan. First of all, the El Chiflon waterfalls where we camp 2 nights beside a child playground…guess which is charmed… The natural reserve of El Chiflon is a succession of five waterfalls. The largest makes 400 feet high. The basins at the beginning of the walk are favourable to bath though its turquoise water is a little cold. But Kayla is too happy to put her bathing suit that she ignores it…

El Chifflon waterfalls

The second point of interest is a lake in the middle of nowhere which according to the photographs we saw seems to be very beautiful. That takes a certain time to us to find it due to the lack of indication on the road. We trust only the indications of the inhabitants. And as usual in Mexico, it’s better to take advices from different people to be sure to have the good direction. Generally when people do not know, they pretend to know and send us randomly in a direction. By asking for several times, we make confidence with the generally quoted answer. Once the lake found, we are disappointed a little, it does not look like we hope. Two families benefitting from their Sunday afternoon are present there. They thought of all so that their Sunday meal is successful, tables, chairs, portable barbecue, foods in abundance and their good mood. One of these families invites us to share their meal. On the menu: tortillas, meat, corn and soda. They ask us the usual questions: Where do you come from? From Alaska with a child? Is it your single child? Where do you go? ,…. The place is not very favourable for the campsite; inclined ground and not very hidden. We turn back and finish the day on a rancho’s place arranged in holiday camp for family.

In our way towards Comitan, we note that the inhabitants, who wear generally traditional clothes, are rather very kind. They greet us. Some practise their English while coming to speak to us.

Arrived at Comitan, we rest a little from the uneven altitudes and particularly high ones between El Chiflon and this city. We are pleased to meet again Scott who caught up with us easily.

We set out again two days later for the natural reserve of Montebello. Us we ride by the principal road and Scott by the small mountain trails. We arrive at the park on the evening even at the same time. We spend our last two days in Mexico together. Despite every time we met Scott, Kayla was always afraid of him, but this time that will be the occasion for them to become the best friends of the world.


The natural reserve is splendid and immense; there are many turquoise color lakes. We visit some of them with our friend. At that time our bicycle without the bags, we feel lighter. Except Karl who has to pull the trailer. On the way back to the campsite Scott wants to try to pull the trailer, which with Kayla on its board weighs 90 pounds. He get on Karl’s bike and attempts to climb a steep grade. Scott finishes the hill while pushing and understands why we are so slow.


After two nights in a campsite at the edge of a lake, we decide to cross the border by a small dirty track very close to here. There are no customs and no immigration office, we will have to go in the first frontier town which we will cross to obtain a visa stamp in Guatemala. So we will stop in Gracias adios. So we cross the border close of a lake, Lago International, with Scott.

Guatemala's border

It’s like that we finish our 7 months adventure in Mexico. The diversity of the landscape (deserts, sea, fields of corn, colonial cities, volcanoes…), the generosity of its population (Sandra, Pancho, Jonas, Mario, Antoine and Rachel, Diana and Patrick, Janelle and Guillermo, Jorge, Judit and Romains and all other people we met in our way), friends that we ‘ve made (Isabelle, Guillaume, Scott and Sylvain…) and the small typical dishes (tacos, burritos, tlayuda, etc) are engraved forever in our memories.

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