The idea

What is enfant-a-bord ?

What is Kid-on-board ?
It is a long term bike trip in family to meet different cultures into the Three Americas.
We plan to leave at the end of April or beginning of May 2014. We will flight from Montreal to Anchorage, Alaska. From there, we will cycle toward south in West part of Canada and United States. We will crossing The Big National Parks (Jasper, Yellowstone, Gran Canyon, Yosemite, etc…) All these beautiful places of these regions. After that, we will bike in Latin America, beginning by Baja California and all these archaeological resources of Central America. To go in South America, we will have to try an another kind of transport (by water probably) because there are no road between Panama and Columbia. In South America, our legs will be severely tested to pass the Andes that we will follow from one end to the other. Then, Australia Carratera will bring us to Argentina. From there, we will go north to reach at least Buenos Aires or Brasilia if our budget is still on. We will adjust our itinerary as we ride according to our wishes, the people we met or our interests. With a young child, we didn’t know how fast we can ride but we will take the time we will need. We hope for 2 or 3 years.

Why with bikes ?
Byr his slowness, it will give us the opportunity to meet a lots of people. We are very concern with our environment, so we think that this kind of transport is very close to the nature. We will sleep almost every night in a tent, sometime in a secluded spot. It is also very cheap, so we will have the possibility to travel as long as we could. It’s why the bike is the best way for us to travel.

We make this trip especially for us. It is a break in our family life, it will be the occasion to see our little girl growing and developing herself. We hope that this trip will give her an opening and respect over the other people and their culture. It will give her the occasion to meet other children and adult very different from her.

Education and environment are very important for us. This trip will give us some other ideas and will inspire us as parent. We are very concern about the way of life of North-Americans and we know that we cannot continue to live this way. May be we will be able to find some other ways to apply every days of our life when we’ll come back.
After this trip, we will like to write a book or make a movie to be useful when we will make a lecture about our experience.
This site will allow you to follow us during the trip. You will find our stories, pictures and videos. You can also let your comments to communicate with us.

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