The Mexican generosity … part 2

After 5 hours on the road, we arrive in Guanajuato. We stopped in the big city of Aquascalientes to eat some good Mexican food. We have renting an apartment by AirBnB web site. We plan to stay here 2 weeks and we hope that Karl’s back will be OK. We meet James, the owner; he is American and lives here with his family.

We go to see Scott (an American bicycle tourist we met many times) in the evening with our friends Sandra and Pancho. James brings us to downtown to meet him. There, we meet Dean and Dang, they bike from Alaska. They make almost the same route than us.

On the road to the restaurant, we observe a child selling some small items in a touristic pedestrian street. We had a pleasant evening in the restaurant. On our way back, it was very late, after midnight and we saw again the same child, he was sleeping on a door’s corner holding his money in his arms, his small items still waiting for the tourists.

Our friends sleep in an apartment next to us for the night. Before they leave, they invite us in a big and fancy restaurant with Scott, Dean and Dang. Kayla and Mary cry a little bit as usual when they say goodbye. Sandra and Pancho, we didn’t have enough words to thank you for your generosity. We appreciate that so much.

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We take a break in our new surroundings and we have even an oven… Our meals will be better…

Our Spanish language improves every day. We have to say that we are already immersed with Spanish since 4 months. We learn day after day, a result of the people we meet. For example, when teaching to Vanessa (James’s wife who speaks a little bit of English) some recipes that Mary knows very well; Mary learns some new Spanish words or when we live with Sandra and Pancho, we learn some Spanish expressions and nuances.

Our hosts celebrate their nephew’s birthday (2 years old) and they invite us to be at their party. Before the guests arrive, all the family (parents, uncle, grandparents) work all together for this celebration. They work a lot, they rent some inflatable game, they prepare a lot of American-Mexican food and they buy a “piñata” (it’s a chewed paper figurine fills with candies and some small toys).

Almost forty people come to that party. A lot of children are there, and many around the same age than Kayla. The difference between their sizes is tremendous. When the people ask us about how old she is, they are so surprised and they don’t believe us. It is true that the Mexicans are small but Kayla is very tall for her age. She looks very easily like a 3-4 years old child.

During the party, the piñata tradition begins. One after each other, the children hit the piñata (usually with a broomstick). They have to break that piñata and take the candies before the other children took that. The strongest power prevails. A second piñata is installed and they appointed a person to pull the rope and increase the difficulty for the bigger and strong children. The children can try to break the piñata during the adults sing a song (always the same). Kayla didn’t want to try despite the fact they ask her many times. She just looks at them.

After 2 weeks, Karl’s back is not very well, so he decides (at last) to go and see a doctor. He has an acute lumbago. After a few days, the anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxants drugs improve his back. We can leave with the bikes, after 1 month of inactivity, to San Miguel De Allende.


When we are ready to leave, we try to contact another Warmshower host (a web site where some cyclists give you a place to leave in their home) Nobody can host us but a friend of one of these people was able to accommodate us.

Two days later, we are in San Miguel De Allende. Diana and Patrick wait for us and give us a big welcome. We have a big room with bathroom. After the shower, Diana gives us wine and cheese as aperitif before the dinner. These retire Americans, living here all year, welcome us like we are home and suggest staying here all week long to discover the city. During the next weekend, a big fiesta will occur in that colonial city. Our host go away to skip the noise and bustle but they offer us to stay at their place to see that fiesta even if they are not in home. We take advantage of this to celebrate Mary’s 35 years old in a restaurant. Before leaving, our hosts have some friends with their children for dinner. For dessert, Mary was surprised by a birthday cake just for her. Karl was in the secret and told Diana that Mary’s birthday was the day after.



We used the fiesta’s time to see the parade on the great square just in front the cathedral. Children and adults with their traditional costumes walk on the sound of a band. They just throw some candies for the spectators’ pleasure.

We thanks Diana and Patrick for their generosity by making them a dinner when they came back.



We contact our next host in Queretaro. They invited us a long time ago before we enter in Mexico. Antoine, our next host, said that the road between San Miguel De Allende and Queretato is not safe; so he will come and get us. But all our things are too big for Antoine’s car. So Patrick will help us taking the rest of our things in his car and bring that in Antoine’s home, 50 miles ahead. He said he is happy to see that we won’t take that dangerous road by bike.

Kayla is sad to leave Diane. She called her Didi and called Patrick “Monsieur”. Her sadness went away very fast when she discover Antoine and Rachel’s family. They have 2 children (Lea, 4 years old and Philippe 15 months) 2 dogs, a house and a garden full of toys.

Our hosts welcome us like we were old friends. We squat in the baby’s room (like Kayla told us). We are very fast immerse in their social life. This family is a French-Mexican people. Kayla will have her fist haircut by Antoine’s friend. Thanks again Amandine.

We stay there one week. We are making no big progress but we meet so nice people that we cannot stay just a few days. However, we begin to ride more seriously to reach the next city: Toluca.

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    I hear you are coming to Panajachel Guatemala. Kevin Hart told me that you may be staying here with us at Kevin’s apartment building. This is a beautiful place for you to get some rest and enjoy the view. I am looking forward to meeting you and helping you in anyway we can. What an amazing adventure you guys are on. Safe travels.


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