To the north

We at least connect the two greatest cities of Alaska. Between both of them, no great city, just trees, big mountains and a beautiful national park. We took more than 3 weeks to ride 661 km ( 410 miles) between Anchorage and Fairbanks.

We had so nice hosts in Anchorage : Amber, Dan and Jan, So It was not so easy to leave them especially for Kayla. By the time we have to leave them, Kayla just strecht her arms to Amber( she rarely did that especially outside her family). It was a true love between them.
We dread the first moments on the road, How Kayla will react with her trailer? We remember our trip in Gaspesia last summer. We are anxious. She was crying and she did not want to start again for almost 2 hours. But for our great surprise, everything was good. She was not crying at all and after 10 minutes she was sleeping.. And it is the samething since that moment. She didn’t say no to her trailer. And during our ride, she sleeps, plays or talks a lot. We know that she has the best place. Warm enough and her seat is very comfortable. Sometimes, we will love to be at her place.

As we though, the first day was very short. We arrived at the campground ( a state park ) in the beginning of the afternoon. Ride in the rain don’t give us the desire to stop very often. Tomorrow, it will be our first day off. , Oh yes, but it is the way to begin softly and to take advantage of a little walk in the Park.

We leave the day after with the sun and warm weather. All the day, we will be on a two ways highway. We ride on the shoulder ( happy this shoulder is very large and permited for the bikes) because no other way to get Wasilia ( a surburds of Anchorage) . We didnt know if it is the highway or the little back wind, but we were in the campgroung very early and Kayla will be able to play in the child’s unit almost all the afternoon.
Wasillia is the the last city we will have for a long time, so we will make a big groceries. The next days, it will be trees, trees… almost the samething then our province ( Quebec) but the Alaska Range ( with his big mountains) remember us that we are in that 49th state of United States.

We have some trouble to get up before 8 in the morning. By the time, we eat, and put every thing in their place, we left around 11 in the morning. Our routine is not settle down yet but …
We found a lot of campgrounds even if we didn’t make a long ride. Almost each day, we have front wind so we ride around 30-40 km ( around 20m) After 1 week, we have ridden 200 km ( 125m. ) and we arrive to the family cabin to our Anchorage’s host. They told us to stay there as we like. It is a small cabin just on the lake shore with a beautiful view on the moutains. We stay there 2 days and we took time to rest.


We are not in a big city, so the supermarkets are very far. So we make our groceries in the gas stations. We cannot make a variety of meals, the choice is very limited and the prices are very expensive. Sometimes , between 2 gas stations, the distance is very big. We are very close to Denali State Park and we know we cannot have some groceries very close. We hope that we will have a gas station just after that Park but no way : no gas station close. We have to make 160km( 100m) before the next gas station. The weather begin to be cooler : we took shirts, caps and mittens. Some days ago, we rode in T-shirts and had to put solar cream on us. One morning, we were surprised to found our water frozen. The night was cold…
We rode 160km ( 100m.) in 5 days. With this rate, we kow, that we will need some food. So, we ask to 2 people, where will be the next gas station or grocery. They told us they didn’t know that but they offer us to share their lunch. We accept and it will be the time to have a lunch very different then we are used to eat . And we will save our food. When they left, they gave us a large bag of food ( potatoes, onions, cheese, bread, almonds, cherries and bottles of water). Our stress for the food is down now, We arrived to next city without problem. The day after, 2 other good people will gave us some water because the river where we took our water are very rare .

We are very amazing by the kindness of the people on the road. They take care of us. Especially when we stop, the people ask us a lot of questions about our trip. When Kayla is in her trailer and they don’t see her yet, they tell us that we need a lot of courage to do what we are doing and when they see Kayla, they are surprised… they tell us to be very amazing to see us making that kind of trip and usually they take a picture.

We at least arrived in Cantwel . We arrived during the afternoon with a small snow storm. It is a small city with 2 gas stations, 1 restaurant, a post office and a campground. We stay there for 1 night and we make groceries. This city is the crossing for the Denali State Park and the Denali National Park.


This national park is the home for Mc Kinley Mountain, the highest point in North America (6194m or 20320’). It is a stopover for us. We took 15 days to arrive here and we will stay 5 days to take a rest and hike in the park. To ride inside the park, there is only one road (100km : 60m.) After the first 20 km(12m) we have to take a bus because the road is close for environmental purpose. For the hike, we left at 800m (2620′) and we climb around 1300m ( 4265’). The view is so nice, the big mountains with snow, on the other side of the valley is so impress. We will see artic squirrel and some caribous.


The rest of our stay will give us the time to take a rest and take care of our equipment who need some repairs. Our stove has some trouble to have fire. It must be block somewhere. After the second cleaning… everything is OK. So, we know that every part of our equipment is very important and we are so dependant of them.

After one rainy day, we are again on the road. Good surprise this morning, we have a back wind and also we have to going down. We have a very fast day. We break our record almost 70km( 44m) , We can go further but we stop for water in a campground and the owner told us we can stay there free. How we can refuse that. We have 130km ( 80m. ) to Fairbanks. We made that in 2 ½ days. Our speed go faster and we are very happy. The weather is also warmer and in the sametime, the mosquitos also are very present…We have to take out our mosquito nets. We look like some beekeeper but it’s help.


We are in Fairbanks , the northest point of our trip. Now we have to go south for some thousand of kilometers.

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