What’s to bring for a young kid in a bike’s trip ?

That’s it! The decision is made; you want to leave for a bike’s trip with your young child. You take time to have weather information for the countries you want to visit; you also shop your trip insurance, your bikes, and your water filter. But, what’s about the specific material for your child?

Everything is related to the child’s age, of course! Here some questions you have to answer before you buy anything. Where will you sleep? In a campground or in a hotel? What will be the weather in the country or the countries you plan to visit? All these answers can influence your shopping.

There is a list of the things we bring for Kayla considering that we are sleeping in a tent, sometimes in a campground, sometimes in wild camping. We will also be in some warm and cold countries and we will also cook on our camp stove (especially in the morning and for dinner). On lunch time, we will eat something cold.

The Trailer

We choose a 2 places trailer with a storage place because we want Kayla had enough room to put her toys very close to her and also to put some equipment behind her (diaper bag and lunch bag) This trailer has adjustable suspension according to the weight of Kayla and equipment. We also have some small wheels we can use when we are not in bike.


On the market, they didn’t have a lot of things for our child’s need (heat, durability, can be fold in small size), we choose:
Woman Self inflating sleeping mattress small size (5’ 2’’)
Adjustable sleeping bag for children (20F)
Liner (adult size) give10-15 more degrees to her sleeping bag. We can also use as a sleeping bag when it is warm.

Kayla camping


For almost all Kayla’s products, they are in a waterproof bag (kayak’s bag). We put this bag in the back of the trailer. In this bag, you’ll find:
disposable diapers
wet wipe pack (not environmentally friendly but so useful for Kayla and also for us in all situation)
Wash cloths for her bottom
Face cloths
2 under sheets
Coco oil or liniment oleo-calcaire to clean Kayla’s bottom after nappy change
Zinc oxide
Thermometer and Petroleum jelly
Lush Solid Shampoo (save room)
Soap bar
Nail clipper
Hair brush (one for all the family)
Elastic and hair clip
Toothbrush and tooth paste
Physiologic solution (saline)
Nose pump
Cream for dry skin


Before we leave, we took appointment with our doctor to ask her what we have to bring with us in case of emergency. With the usual first aid kit (all size bandage, antiseptic, gauze, scissors, adhesives bandages) she suggested:
Rehydratation salts
Liquid Benadryl for small allergic reaction
2 Epipen Jr (self injection/epinephrine) for severe allergic reaction
2 Erythromycin tubes (eyes’ antibiotic cream)
Zithromax (broad spectrum antibiotic)
Malarone (¼ adult dose)
We have also added:
Methyl Violet
Essential oil, lavender, eucalyptus ( multipurpose) and clove (teething)
Mosquito repellent ( without DEET)


Kayla was eating by herself before we leave. We bring her:
Stainless steel bowl
Dishcloth (we put that cloth on her lap and her bowl on it. Kayla was used to pick up the food she drop and eat it. This dishcloth help her to pick up the food without difficulty)
Rigid carrying bag (we sit Kayla on this bag on the ground or on a picnic table. This is warmer and cleaner for her and she knows she had to stay on it for eating)
Small spoon and fork (at her size)
Kayla takes the same water bottle than us. She learns very soon to get water with these bottles.
When we were in Gaspésie (in Quebec) our daughter was 7 months old. She was just beginning to eat, so we brought her a manual chopper to mix some food.


We brought the toys she likes and some classics toys. As we are on a bike trip, we didn’t have so much room so we have to bring a reasonable amount of toys but enough to let her play in her trailer without being boring. We put a part close to her and the rest in her bags. We can make a rotation just for more fun and variety.

On the road, Kayla received some toys and clothes from the families we meet or from other people (campground owners, tourist information employees…) the stores who sell used clothes and things (Thrift Store, Goodwill…) can be a good place to find some new toys that your children would like. They are less expensive and sometimes they are free.

We try to apply this logic: One toy in, one toy out. Sometimes, it’s easy, but sometimes it’s more difficult especially when she loves the toy.
We are planned an album with our friends and family’s pictures. For every picture, that person writes or draws something (it up to their age, of course). In that album, we noted some trip’s souvenir and Kayla makes each month a drawing (this is her trip’s book) I put just beside some pictures, notes or story.

We are also planned some audio recorders from our family and friends. These persons could do everything they want (tell a story, sing, talk…) She listens to these audio recorders with the speakers we put in her trailer.

Kayla has many toys but she didn’t play with a lot. Her favorite game is to play with kitchen tools and pans. She can play a long time with them: she puts some soil and stones in a pan and toss them with a spoon. She likes to look people and landscape. During the break, she walks around to discover everything. She found grass, rocks or sand… Sometimes, we wonder why we brought so many toys!

In the desert


We left with all kind of clothes for all seasons. It was the right thing to do because in Alaska, we need some warm polar clothes as much as the shorts. And it was the same until we reach Mexico. So we bring:
2 Polar vests
1 polar pull
1 zippered knit vest
2 rain jackets ( one for the road and the other one for the city)
1 rain pant
3 hats ( 1 in polar, very warm, 1 in wool, less warm and 1 in cotton)
1 winter coat (parka)
1 pair of gloves with a cord ( we used that one as well during the night then in the morning or evening)
1 pair of gloves waterproof lined with polar( we didn’t use very much because Kayla can stand them)
2 polar pants
2 pairs of pantyhose
Waterproof footwear (we used them in the beginning because we could put them over her shoes)
1 pair of shoes
1 pair of rubber boots in the beginning and after we choose a pair of hiking boots ( they work as much in cold weather, rain than on roughest grounds)
1 pair of sandals
6 pairs of thin socks
1 pair of polar socks ( for the night)
1 pair of wool socks ( for the night just under the polar ones when it’s very cold)
3 pyjamas ( 2 light and 1 warmer)
1 polar body ( with her polar pants under her pyjama pants and her polar vest, it’s her 4th pyjama)
4 short sleeve T-shirt
4 no-sleeve body
4 long sleeve t-shirt ( in Mexico, we replace them by 2 camisoles and 1 dress)
4 pants (2 light one and 2 warmer)
2 shorts
2 dresses

Kayla grew up quickly and she wears out her clothes. I can repair them with a small sewing kit. However, we have to buy her new clothes in some discount or second hand store. Usually, we take one size bigger than her need and we make some lapel, then she can use her clothes longer. We paid at Whitehorse (Yukon) some pant 0,75$ and Kayla could choice a toy in the free basket. She found her first doll.

Some questions? Some comments? If you need more information, please feel free to contact us.

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